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Summer's here – time to enjoy British strawberries!

Posted by Morley Hayes on 15th June 2018 in Blogging |
With summer on its way and the sunshine looking like it’s here to stay (for now at least), we thought we’d celebrate the best British summer fruit there is – the strawberry. Put them in your Pimm’s, smother them in cream, make a yummy jam, or top your scones with them - when it comes to using this tasty and hugely versatile fruit, the possibilities are endless! British Strawberries really are the best in the world. They're in season from early May and if the good weather continues from July they’ll be around until the end of September. They’re full of health benefits too – did you know that a handful of strawberries contains more vitamin C th...

All the In-Cider Information on Toffee Apples

Posted by Morley Hayes on 31st October 2019 in Blogging | halloween,toffee apples
With autumn in full swing and Halloween on the horizon, it’s officially apple harvest season again, which can only mean one thing – the return of Toffee Apples!   Most people attribute the creation of toffee apples to American confectionary expert William W. Kolb back in 1908. Legend has it that he was experimenting with red cinnamon Christmas candy when he dipped a few apples for his window display that caught the interest of passing customers. He sold his first batch for 5 cents a piece and the craze took off until he was selling thousands every year and toffee apples found themselves all across the country!   Others believe that toffee apples have r...


Posted by Morley Hayes on 11th July 2018 in Blogging |
With England through to a World Cup semi-final for the first time in 28 years, football fever has well and truly swept the nation. And, since it’s being held in Russia this year, we thought we’d join in the fun by focusing on traditional Russian cuisine. Why not experiment and serve some of these authentic dishes at your next World Cup party? After all, they only come around once every four years!   Russia is a massive and hugely diverse country and as a result, so is its cuisine. Food varies from city to city and takes influences from Northern and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Siberia and East Asia.    Here are just three Russian dishes you’d...

Perfect your Great British barbeque this August bank holiday!

Posted by Morley Hayes on 10th August 2018 in Blogging |
It’s summer, and for most of us Brits, that only means one thing – barbeque time. With 2018 proving to be one of the hottest in years, we’ve probably consumed more burnt burgers than ever before. So, with the heatwave looking like its here to stay, we’ve compiled some ideas to jazz up your BBQ offering and really wow your guests this August Bank Holiday.   Let’s start with the classic BBQ staple – the burger. There are endless ways to create your perfect burger and of course, a multitude of possible fillings. At Morley Hayes, we believe there’s no better burger meat than beef. We like ours with melted cheddar cheese, fried onions and ketchup –...