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With England through to a World Cup semi-final for the first time in 28 years, football fever has well and truly swept the nation. And, since it’s being held in Russia this year, we thought we’d join in the fun by focusing on traditional Russian cuisine. Why not experiment and serve some of these authentic dishes at your next World Cup party? After all, they only come around once every four years!


Russia is a massive and hugely diverse country and as a result, so is its cuisine. Food varies from city to city and takes influences from Northern and Eastern EuropeCentral AsiaSiberia and East Asia. 


Here are just three Russian dishes you’d have to try if visiting the country, or that you could even make at home.


When temperatures in Russia drop (and they do, temperatures can drop to -30°C during winter in Moscow), a typical warming beet soup, or borscht, might do the trick. This delicious dish is served with or without meat, potato, herbs (usually dill) and a dollop of smetana, Russian sour cream.


Another popular dish is pelmeni, Russia’s take on dumplings. They are usually made from thin, unleavened dough and filled with minced meat, onions, mushrooms, and sometimes, turnip. They can be served alone, in butter and topped with sour cream, or in a soup broth.


Arguably one of Russia’s most famous foods, blini, Russia's version of the thin French crêpe, are a staple on most Moscovian menus. Typically made with buckwheat for savoury fillings or white flour for sweet toppings, blini are such an important part of Russian cuisine that a festival called Maslenitsa celebrates the beginning of spring with them.


If these Russian recipes don’t take your fancy, or, if you’d rather let someone else handle the cooking, come and visit Morley Hayes and enjoy some good English fayre. We’re showing all of England’s games live on the big screen in Spike Bar, so you can come and roar on The Three Lions with us while you enjoy some of our delicious bar snacks or home-cooked meals.


However you’re celebrating England’s success so far at this World Cup, get out the bunting, gather your families and friends together and celebrate. Because, after all, everyone knows that 2018 is the year that football really is coming home.


We hope you enjoyed our quick insight into traditional Russian cuisine! To find out more, visit:


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