Seasonal Events at Morley Hayes

January spells the end of what for many chefs is the hardest period in the calendar year. December done and dusted, the seemingly never-ending festivities, and the ever-present turkey and tinsel reside and make way for a new start. Winter's offerings leave a lot to be desired generally, but there is one exception to the rule.

Blood oranges come into season fully towards the end of December, and remain so until around March. They are the most beautiful of all citrus fruits, with deep red flesh, and wonderfully enticing mottled skin on the outside.

Flavour wise, they’re not dissimilar to their more traditional cousins, but there is just something special about them. The perfect balance of bitterness, sweetness and acidity make for the perfect eating experience, and one which should be savoured.

Here at the Dovecote restaurant, we try our best not to over embellish the fruit; we've just added a few choice ingredients to show them off to their full potential. We find the introduction of gin, basil, and a juniper and yoghurt sorbet just enough to do that. Wonderfully light flavours make for a refreshing dessert that adds much welcome sunshine to the table and a real sense that spring is around the corner!

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