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With autumn in full swing and Halloween on the horizon, it’s officially apple harvest season again, which can only mean one thing – the return of Toffee Apples!


Most people attribute the creation of toffee apples to American confectionary expert William W. Kolb back in 1908. Legend has it that he was experimenting with red cinnamon Christmas candy when he dipped a few apples for his window display that caught the interest of passing customers. He sold his first batch for 5 cents a piece and the craze took off until he was selling thousands every year and toffee apples found themselves all across the country!


Others believe that toffee apples have routes far beyond William W. Kolb and his sweet shop. There’s a theory that the technique originated from Arabian households as a way to preserve their fruit - or even Ancient Egypt where they would coat their fruit and nuts in honey to preserve them for the gods (and because it tasted great!)


Whatever the history, toffee apples have had a massive impact all around the world. In Brazil they’re called maçã-do-amor and in France the sweet treats are named pommes d’amour - both of which mean ‘Apples of Love’.


Over in Germany toffee apples are most often associated with the Christmas season and are sold at carnivals, fairs and markets throughout the festive period.


And of course, in the UK and USA we pay close attention to the delicious treat during the Halloween period – National Candy Apple Day even falls on October 31!


The love of toffee apples doesn’t stop in Europe either. In Israel they’re sold in city squares on Yom Ha’atzmaut Eve (Israel Independence Day) as part of street celebrations. People go all out in Japan and China, covering an array of fruits in candy-coating which are sold at festivals throughout the year.


There’s no shortage of love for toffee apples wherever you go,but be sure to create these sweet treats with Fuji or Granny Smith apples – the tart flavours offer a perfect balance and these crisp apples will hold up much better beneath the weight of the candy coating!


Why don’t you think outside of the box this year and try some of these toffee-apple inspired recipes from around the web such as homemade toffee apples, toffee apple dipping sauce, caramel apple pie pancakes or a salted caramel apple snickers cake!

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