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Dry January doesn’t mean just sticking to Sauvignon Blanc – it’s a whole month dedicated to removing alcohol from your everyday life - and it’s sweeping across the UK.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Dry January is a new phenomenon, but it has roots far beyond that - in 1942, the Finnish government launched a campaign called ‘Sober January’ (Raitis Tammikuu) to help aid the war effort against the Soviet Union!


However, it wasn’t until 2011 that ‘Dry January’ as we know it in the UK started to sow its seed. It all began with Emily Robinson and a half marathon. Robinson didn’t like running much to begin with, so, to make it easier she decided to give up drink and quickly saw the upside – she lost weight, slept better and had more energy throughout the day!


Pretty much everyone she told was mind-blown, wondering why they’d been trying diet after diet when something so simple existed. Eventually Robinson started working for Alcohol Change UK when the campaign was born (and trademarked).


Dry January officially began in 2013 with 4,000 people taking part, but in 2018 more than 4 million people took part across the UK!


You might be thinking, ‘but is it really all worth it?’- that’s why we’ve got some facts about going alcohol free for January that may help you off the fence:


  1. In 2017, 88% of participants saved money (which is great for the after-Christmas period)
  2. UCL found that after 30 days, participants’ insulin resistance improved by around a staggering 25% - lessening the chance of Type 2 diabetes
  3. Weight, BP and cancer-related growth problems also improved
  4. 70% of participants got more sleep and 66% had more energy
  5. 54% of participants had clearer skin (no more random spot outbreaks that you thought you’d left behind with puberty)


We think Dry January is a great thing to try here at Morley Hayes – so we’re giving you a helping hand!


For beer drinkers, our Roosters Bar serves Becks Blue and the Dovecote restaurant serves Estrella Free Damm. If you prefer grapes as one of your five a day, try our alcohol-free sparkling wines in the Dovecote. We’ve got a delicious Chardonnay or Pinot Noir by Les Grand Chais in France for you to enjoy!

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